The publication process is a bit weird and therefore, interesting. In addition to the final venue of acceptance, I have also mentioned the venue(s) at which a paper was rejected.

  1. Statistically Robust, Risk-Averse Best Arm Identification in Multi-Armed Bandits
    A.K, Jayakrishnan Nair, Krishna Jagannathan

  2. Constrained regret minimization for multi-criterion multi-armed bandits
    A.K, Jayakrishnan Nair, Krishna Jagannathan

  3. Bandit algorithms: Letting go of logarithmic regret for statistical robustness
    Kumar Ashutosh, Jayakrishnan Nair, A.K., Krishna Jagannathan
    Accepted as an Oral presentation at AISTATS 2021 (top 3% of all papers submitted)
    Rejected at NeurIPS 2020 [Paper]

  4. Distribution oblivious, risk-aware algorithms for multi-armed bandits with unbounded rewards
    A.K, Jayakrishnan Nair, Krishna Jagannathan
    Accepted at NeurIPS 2019 (21% acceptance rate) [Paper]

  5. “Please come back later”: Benefiting from deferrals in service systems
    A.K. and Jayakrishnan Nair
    Accepted at COMSNETS 2020 (33% acceptance rate) [Paper]