Technical Projects

  1. Generating Random Graphs without Short Cycles (Spring ‘19)
    Advisor: Prof. Nikhil Karamchandani, EE, IITB
    Studied and presented an algorithm for generating random graphs without short cycles, that nearly uniformly samples from possible candidate graphs and has a polynomial time complexity in expectation. [Presentation]

  2. Alleviating Trade-off between Temporal and Spatial Resolution of Videos (Spring ‘19)
    Advisor: Prof. Animesh Kumar, EE, IITB
    Implemented an algorithm to reconstruct a video from its coded exposure using dictionary learning (K-SVD) and a sparse reconstruction algorithm (OMP). Empirically studied the effects of changing the hyper-parameters of the algorithm like the sampling strategy to form coded exposure and the size of dictionary. [Report]

  3. Experiments with Differentiable Neural Computers (Spring ‘19)
    Advisor: Prof. Sunita Sarawagi, CSE, IITB
    Studied two neural network models: Neural Turing Machines (NTM) and Differentiable Neural Computers (DNC), capable of performing fundamentally algorithmic tasks. Trained and evaluated DNC on top-k sort, shortest-path and connectedness tasks. [Report]

  4. Parameter Estimation in Heat Shock Response of E. coli (Autumn ‘18)
    Advisor: Prof. Debraj Chakraborty, EE, IITB
    Implemented Hybrid Extended Kalman Filter (HEKF) for parameter estimation in a model of heat shock response of E. coli, used a a-posteriori identifiability test to check reliability of the estimates and used a model selection algorithm to discriminate between two competing models of the mechanism. [Report]

  5. Heavy Tails in Engineering Systems (Autumn ‘18)
    Advisor: Prof. Jayakrishnan Nair, EE, IITB
    Surveyed and presented generative models for heavy tailed behaviour arising in engineering systems, viz., the internet, language and firebreaks. Reviewed the theoretical analysis of the following models: Heuristically Optimized Trade-offs, Zipf’s Law and Highly Optimized Tolerance. [Presentation]

  6. Differential Input Digital Oscilloscope (Spring ‘18)
    Advisor: Prof. P. C. Pandey, EE, IITB
    Designed a PC controlled differential input digital oscilloscope module having a signal bandwidth of 10 kHz and a maximum differential mode gain of 4. Equipped with a bluetooth module and JAVA powered PC interface, the module is low cost and easy to use. [Report]

  7. Function Generator (Autumn ‘17)
    Wadhwani Electronics Lab, EE, IITB
    Designed a PC controlled function generator module using 8052 microcontroller and direct digital synthesis (DDS) chip capable of generating sine and triangle wave forms for frequencies upto 1 MHz.

  8. Pipelined RISC Microprocessor (Autumn ‘17)
    Advisor: Prof. Virendra Singh, EE, IITB
    Designed a 6 stage pipelined microprocessor capable of executing 15 instructions and equipped it with control flow & data dependency hazard detection & hazard mitigation. Implemented the design in VHDL and tested it on a DE0-Nano FPGA board.

  9. Applications of Semantic Web in Health Care and Medicine (Summer ‘17)
    Advisor: Dr. Dinesh Siddu, Philips Research, Bangalore
    Developed a Python module to convert files of a medical file format DICOM to files of semantic web format RDF for improved sharing of data and easier analysis by SPARQL query language. Optimized queries on Semantic Web Access Policy Application that reduced the query time by a factor of 50.